I would love to run a series of workshop sessions to help you plan and grow your organisation. We cover a range of topics such as best practice, volunteer retention, record keeping and how to run better meetings

Or developing training packages and training manuals 

Conduct in house training, inducting staff  into codes of conduct, WH&S, manual handling, rights and responsibilities of clients and employees 

Advising business owners & Committees on appropriate policies


1. Planning - Where are you going and how will you get there?

This workshops ask the following questions and helps you find the answers for your organisation.

– What is the purpose of your organisation? Why does it exist?
– What is a strategic plan? How should you complete a plan and review your current one?
– What is your business plan and why do you need one?
– How do you market yourself?

2. The Laws of Attraction - Volunteers and Members

This session focuses on the people that make your organisation run.

– How many members and volunteers do you have? How many do you need?
– How do you plan to increase and keep your members?
– Do volunteers know what their roles are?
– How do you train your volunteers and keep skills up to date?


3. Funding and Record Keeping

A session aimed at examining your financial and record keeping practices.

– Basic budgeting and record keeping
– Actuals vs budget
– Financial reporting
– Grants, fees and funding – which is best for you?
– Dropbox, Google Drive and the Cloud vs the minutes book and emails

4. Let's Have a Meeting...Because It's a Month Since the Last One

We work on efficient meeting practices and how to get the most out of scheduled time.

– Governance: obligations of the committee or board
– Effective meetings: structure and listening
– Agendas: who does this, how and how do you distribute them?
– Minutes: does anyone read them?
– Constitutions: using yours
– AGMs: why are they useful?
– Annual reports: how to write a good one

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