Staff development and in house policies can save $$

Whether you are a Not for Profit, small business or Owner operator, you need policies and procedures to cover risk management. The consequences of not doing so are seen every day in the courts, Insurance offices and lawyers rooms everyday. Since June 2016, I have been working on a contract basis for a provider of Home Care Services, Independent Care. I have trained over 40 staff in the policies and procedures that the Managing Director and most recently the Operations Manager, have developed. The list includes, WH&S, Money Handling, Code of Conduct, Continuous Improvement, Communication, Reporting and Rights and Responsibilities. It has truly been fascinating to see the policies develop over the time and to see how my presentation has grown with it. The staff love to have the small group training and will in the future be given handbooks to keep abreast of an industry that is forever changing. It has been great to work with a group that values it’s staff and wants to keep moving forward.

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