There’s more to a Venue than meets the eye

In 2016, I was employed by a local Football Club committee to develop strategic and business plans for 300 capacity multi-purpose venue, with the goal of maximizing hiring of all areas. I had to create a budget in consultation with various stakeholders – committee members, suppliers. As the Facility was brand new, I had to undertake a tender process for a catering company, assist in menu design and employ and manage the bar and function staff. There was a need to develop maintenance and reporting procedures for the daily operations of the facility and produce policies and procedures for hiring and operations. In marketing, I liaised with local vendors and tourism groups to promote the facility to new audiences. Ongoing financial management, reconciliation of accounts and reporting to club governance were also a part of this role. Along with a Function Coordinator, we coordinated bookings of large variety of events – weddings, corporate functions, formal dinners – and developed hospitality packages according to guests needs. It has the potential to be a great venue of tremendous value to the Community. There is so much that needs to be completed behind the scenes to operate a successful venue and planning before opening is essential.

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